Mitt Guld medlemskap har gått ut hos Xbox Live.
Jag funderar stark på att fylla på det igen.
Och jag funderar på att köpa ett nytt spel, jag har ju tidigare bara kört Call Of Duty Black OPS 2.
Men under en lång tid även varit intresserad av spelet Brink.
Spelet i sig kan jag inte säga så mycket om. Ett FPS spel som typ hanterar den här free running känslan som man får från Mirrors Edge. Ett riktigt kul skjut spel liksom.

Så här säger Brink lite om handlingen:



Built in the near-future as part of a contemporary green vision, the Ark was a model for sustainable living. The massive man-made floating city became a home to the scientists and thinkers focused on making the vision a reality, while its wealthy patrons built a recreational paradise.

But soon the threat of a global environmental crisis became real: glaciers melted, sea levels rose, and the very survival of humanity was threatened. Thousands from around the globe fled to the Ark as a last hope. Refugees clung to survival however they could, while the original founders and their descendants struggled to maintain the island.

Now, the Ark has lost contact with what remained of the mainland and exists in total isolation. As the Ark’s supposedly renewable resources dwindle, the balance of power threatens to unravel and throw competing social factions into a horrific conflict.

With tensions growing, Security and Resistance forces are locked in a heated battle for control of the Ark. Which side will you choose?

Check back as we reveal the battlefields of the Ark over the coming months.


Over the years, the Ark has collected a wide variety of abandoned and disused ships. Those no longer seaworthy are broken up at a floating drydock for spare parts and scrap metal – a scarce and vital resource on the Ark. Odd pieces of a wide variety of old boats and ships are scattered all about – ocean liners, cruise ships, pleasure boats, even a scuttled navy destroyer – held together like a patchwork quilt by a network of platforms and cables.

Over time, the ‘yards and hulls have also been taken over by refugee squatters: living space is scarce and they literally have nowhere else to go.


Originally used as docks and long term storage, the need for ”guest” accommodation saw disused shipping containers hastily and sloppily converted into living quarters. With the huge influx of refugees, Container City was born, now a ramshackle slum.

The lack of maintenance, marine corrosion, and pillaging accelerated the aging process. Old rusty containers are piled dangerously high and those that were not strong enough to be stacked and have collapsed completely.

Now thousands of men, women and children live in tight, confined spaces with almost no access to vital resources. Out of this decay, the Resistance was born, and they continue to use the city as a base of operations, hiding amongst the civilian populace.

Du kan besöka Brinks hemsida här.

Här är en rätt gammal trailer för spelet.
Det finns nyare på deras hemsida!

Om Mikrofonberoende

Jag Collin Tillsammans med A.T skapade gruppen Mikrofonberoende. Främst för att kunna få ut vårat budskap på ett bra sätt. Vi båda hade redan en grund att stå på. A.T hade gästat några låtar tidigare och jag skrivit en del texter. Tillsammans fixade vi vår före detta studio Röda Bunkern. När vi senare började umgås med Innuce så blev det prat om att skaffa gemensam studio. Precis så blev det och därmed skaffade vi Studio 0221! Visa alla inlägg av Mikrofonberoende


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